No Shopping (fail!)


Last month I promised myself that I wouldn't do any shopping as we are (hopefully) moving house soon!

This shopping trip I can blame on Mr C as he wanted to go to Ed's Diner, the nearest one to us is in Swindon (still nearly an hour away!) which has a good outlet centre.

As soon as I walked through the doors I said to myself 'Natalie, control yourself don't buy a thing'.

I think you can guess what happended next after I saw Gap, yep, epic fail.

Anyway here is what I bought. I also bought another pair of shoes (not shown here) as the pair I was wearing (from primark) got ruined after I stood in a puddle and ended up with wet feet and the sole of the shoe was about to drop off!

This bag is from TK Maxx and was £29.99. It was the first bag I saw and I loved it at first sight.

In Swindon town there is a House of Fraser Outlet Store which I haven't seen anywhere else. I got this 212 pefume to add to my collection of Carolina Herrera perfumes. It has a lovley light scent and was only £19.

I saw these shoes and thought they were so nice. The neon trim was what caught my eye and at £7 they were a bargin!
Another cover for my phone! I get so bored so love to switch my cases around, this one was from TK Maxx and was £6.99

First item from Gap. I do love a cardigan and this one is a bit different from anything else I have. The orange is a lot brighter  than the camera show. It was £7.97.

Another Gap logo Tee, because I don't have enough of these already! This was £7.99

I got this short sleeve cardigan as well. It's so light so will be perfect for summer evenings and was £9.99.
If fully intended to bring in a spending ban in September as I am running out of room for clothes!
Much Love


  1. Well there is always next month for the ban!!! I love it all those shoes are fabulous and what a bargain. My sister in law has been to the outlet in Swindon and recommended it as well I really have to go although my bank balance may not thank me afterwards!!!! xx


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