Supermarket Sweep!


Every time I go food shopping I rarely leave the shop without having a peek at the clothes!


We recently had a new Sainsburys open up in the town where we live and I didn't realise there was going to be a clothes section. I had a quick look around at it was late at night and I saw this cream peplum top which I thought would be perfect for the summer. Then I spotted this scarf which I knew I had to have , the glasses print is so cute!

Tesco recently had a sale, normally I always miss all the good pieces but this time I think I managed to get in at the start of the sale for a change!
It was still hot when I got these bits but I'm pretty sure that I will be able to wear these soon.
I only got two pieces from Asda. I find it can be really hit and miss for clothes.
I got these taupe coloured cropped trousers because I needed something light for work and at £10 they were perfect. The other item I got which is not pictured was just a scooped neck white tee, nothing exciting but great once again for work or the weekend.

Do you like buying clothes from the supermarkets?
Much Love


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