Walking around in my pants?


After you have read this post the title might make some more sense.

Last year I bought a lovely pair of black trousers from new look, they were a bit too long but after my swift sewing skills they became the right length (ish), who is going to notice a few cm from one leg to the other hey! They also sat on my bubble butt nicely and were so comfy i.e. they expanded with my waist after that large slice of cake at work.

On Monday I noticed that they were looking a little worn, faded and some of the stitching had come undone. So, time to throw them away I thought. I then pulled out another pair I got from Tesco, put them on and off to work I went. By 5 o'clock I was surprised that no one had seen my pants, the trousers had become so baggy I looked like I had clown pants on and I had to hold onto them every time I stood up for fear of them falling down completely.

Now I was onto my third pair from m&co, I don't whether I had grown taller or they had shrunk in the wash (the latter I suspect) but they were flapping around my ankles so much I swear I had frostbite there.

On Saturday I told Mr C that I needed to go and purchase some new ones but firstly take back the ones that I had ordered online from Evans (we won't even go there) back to the Evans store in Milton Keynes. So, on Sunday, off we went, past Pizza Hut and The Body Shop and turned the corner to face an empty shop front! A quick peek at the directory informed us that Evans was no longer there. Shocked is all I can describe how I felt, I remember Evans being in the same place for at least 10+ years.

My question now is what is going on? Is the high street trying to stop us plus size ladies from shopping, do they think that our fat thighs and slightly rounder tums will offend the 'average sized' ladies amongst us? New Look in central Milton Keynes no longer has an inspire range, there is a sign at the front informing the plus size, tall and pregnant people that your stuff can be found online. 

Most shops do carry up to a size 20 in trousers but I'm not a 20, I might be up top but on my bottom half I put the P in pear shaped, my rather ample sized bottom and thighs make me a 22/24. This doesn't leave me much choice to find trousers. A swift trip up to the Yours store almost left me in tears, every size available but a 22 or 24 and none in stock, seriously.

We got back in the car, and, after a food stop of course to drown my sorrows we headed to Tesco. Where there was once a huge plus range was now overshadowed by a petite range and the few pairs of leggings and jumpers were quietly pushed into the back corner.

My last stop was Asda, I walked in and within minutes I was surrounded by sea of 22 and 24, hurrah I thought but alas not one size 24 in the work trousers, the size 22 was quite snug, one bend over in the office and those bad boys would be exposing things I'd rather not at work. I did however find a pair that 'will do for now'. 

So it will be back to online shopping for me, probably sending back parcel after parcel until I find the perfect pair of trousers, until then I will probably have to rock up to work in my pants or I might stretch to a skirt, I wouldn't want people to be jealous of my lovely legs!

Does anyone else have trouble going shopping? If you know of anywhere that has a good selection of shops please please let me know!

Much love



  1. Evans are closing stores all over the country. My local store has gone, and as much as it upsets me that I can't go there if I need something in a hurry, I'm exactly the kind of person whose fault it is high street stores are closing, because I buy almost everything online.

    If finding the right sized trousers is a pain, I'd recommend ASOS Curve because at least all deliveries and returns are free. x

  2. I live in Birmingham which is a big city but the choice of plus size clothing is shocking. We have an Evans but it is awful, New Look has a tiny Inspire section and if you are over a size 20/22 then well I don't know where you go! I do shop online but I still enjoy a good mooch around the shops but now I just get annoyed and fustrated! x


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