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When I saw this post on Leah's blog I knew I had to give it a go. Autumn is my favourite season as, even though I love the sun, there is nothing better than getting cosy on the sofa with Mr C, a movie and some good food.
For Autumn what is your:
Favourite thing about it - First and foremost I love the leaves changing colours and falling to the ground. As we live next to woods I can see it every day and it's so pretty. I also love snuggling up on the sofa, blanket on with Mr C and watching a good movie with some snacks of course!
Favourite drink - A Hot Ribena - I'm not a lover of tea or coffee so this is my preferred choice of hot drink on a cold night.
Favourite scent/candle - Without a doubt......Yankee Candles!

I stocked up at the outlet store!
Best lipstick -

Riveting Rose from Mac
Go to moisturiser -

Go to colours for the eyes -
I love this palette and have been using it all summer, I have a feeling that I will be using it all through autumn also!
Favourite music or band/singer to listen to - As soon as the nights get cooler I really love listening to a bit of jazz and then it will be Christmas music come the end of November.
Favourite outfit to wear -

Autumn treat - I will be purchasing a new pair of knee high boots, I haven't bought any for a few years now as I couldn't get any to fit but I have seen quite a few places are now stocking a better range of sizes that should fit my chunky calves!

Favourite place to be - Either at home curled up on the sofa or at a nice cosy restaurant with good food!

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