My Room

Last year we decided to turn our 3rd bedroom into a dressing room/relaxing space for me.
A lot of people always look at us with raised eyebrows when we say that have done this but as we are not having children (for health reasons for me) we thought why not!
I adore this room, it's where I can sit for hours to read, blog, write and watch endless SATC in peace! The 2nd bedroom is more of a spare room/X-Box room for Mr C, not as nice as mine so we won't go in there.
I didn't spend a lot on the furniture in this room as we just moved stuff around from the other rooms plus I need the extra pennies to fill my wardrobe of course.
The spotty chair is my favourite item, I found it on Ebay one night and was determined  to win it. It was well worth the 2 hours drive to Gloucester to collect it!

My wardrobe is from Ikea, I didn't bother keeping the doors because the room is quite small so I wouldn't have been able to open them fully.

I must confess I do have too many clothes so much that I have one drawer in our room with a few extra bits! Time for a sort out and sale soon!

Much Love



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