OMCZ #16

Time for another OMCZ challenge.
This week it was the turn of Rebs at Sullen-Hearts turn to choose the theme, here is what she wrote:
I want to pick 'nightwear'! Let's see what you wear to bed, or flash us your naughty but nice undies, or show us what you'd wear for a good old fashioned sleepover. 
So when I first saw this I had a little panic, we were due to move house and I had packed away all my nightwear and had been sleeping in a t-shirt and old joggers. Luckily I was able to get to a box to whip out a pair of PJ's.
The attractive thing on my head is a do-rag, it's what stops my hair sticking up everywhere in the morning and of course I have to use a sleep mask to block out those early morning rays!

Much Love
Don't forget to check out the other lovely ladies taking part!


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