Plus North No Show!

So this weekend just gone was Plus North, an event in Manchester organised by the lovely Becky and Toni. I had been looking forward to this for ages, I started packing my bag on Tuesday with all the lovely new outfits that I had purchased and my hot rollers!
On Wednesday evening I had to go for my routine check in at the hospital, the weather had been really warm that day and as I sat in the waiting room I had a little moan about being there and how I just wanted to get home and pack some more! After finding out that I had to come back the next day for some blood tests I had another little moan because it meant another 1/2 hour drive.
So I went for my test on Thursday and then had phone call later to say that I had to call the doctor asap, assume panic mode from me until I got in touch with her.
Anyway to cut a long story short I had a blood count of 5.3, this is very low as a normal person should be between 12-15, I therefore had to have an emergency blood transfusion of 4 units starting at 1.00am Thursday night and ending at 23.00 on Friday night and a stay in until Saturday evening.
I feel quite angry at myself as I had been feeling ill for a few months now, I had ignore all the classic warning signs of severe anaemia, tiredness, short of breath and a general feeling of malaise. The fact that I couldn't walk up the stairs without feeling like my lungs were going to collapse and my heart was going to pop out of my chest should have been a warning to myself to get to the doctors.
I feel much better already even thought I'm still slightly anaemic. My advice is always listen to your body, if you feel unwell don't feel like you are going to be a bother to the doctor by going like I thought I was going to be. The fact that the doctor told me I was at risk of heart failure has been a massive wake up call for me for me to slow down. I am the type to worry and stress over the smallest things but now I'm going to try and chill out and take it easy, first thing some online shopping and then I'm planning a little bit of pampering next weekend for myself, a massage and manicure.
I hope that anyone reading this that went to Plus North had an amazing time and I'm looking forward to attending it next year as well Plus London 3 in November!
I would also like to add that you are able to or know someone that can please donate blood, you can find your nearest venue here. I am very grateful to the people that donated the blood I had that literally save my life!
Much Love


  1. Natalie, I'm sorry you missed out on something that sounded so fun, but it was great timing that you had your checkup when you did! Hope you continue feeling better. As a side note, I donate regularly and consider it a rewarding civic duty :)

    1. It was a shame I had to miss it but I'm glad I went to hospital when I did. Thank you that's great to hear :o)

  2. Hugs. I hope you feel much better soon. x x

  3. I'm so sorry you were ill and I hope you get better soon. I recently found out I am O Neg so I will definitely be donating :)

    1. Thank you. That would be great, you don't realise how many people you can help until you donate x


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