Another Supermarket Sweep


A few weeks ago I went on a mission to find some new black trousers after I had to throw my favourite pair away.

I picked up this pair in Asda after trying all the other black trousers and not having much luck. They are not ideal work trousers but until I can find a decent pair they will have to do.

They are really comfortable and stretchy, it's quite a thick material but not so much that you end up all sweaty betty. My only bug bear with the trousers is the zip toggle, if I don't wear shoes with a chunky heal it hits the ground with every step I take, so annoying after 5 minutes.


I also got this skirt. I was unsure about it at first. The pattern is not something I would normally go for as I always thought it would highlight my chunky thighs. Now I love it, the fit is great and it hugs my hips and thighs without showing the lumps and bumps!

Oh check out those '' winter is coming'' dry legs, I need extra moisturiser!
Much Love


  1. Love the sweater and skirt combo! I don't think the skirt reveals any lumps or bumps, and it looks to fit you just right.

    1. Thank you! It has become one of my favourite outfits now!

  2. Ooh, that skirt is gorgeous! x


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