Feeling Relaxed

I have thick coarse afro hair, so until I have my hair relaxed I look like a shorter, female version of Sideshow Bob from The Simpsons. It is such a nightmare for me sometimes, it's never a case of wash 'n' go more like wash 'n' slow go!
I had been trying to grow my hair out back to it's natural state as years of relaxing, dyeing and straighteners had taken their toll and my hair was slowly falling out at the front. This is quite a common occurrence in relaxed hair and is also quite distressing (well for me anyway!).
I managed 6 months before I had to cave in and call upon my lovely Mother for my hair to be done. It had got to the point where I it would take me about 20 minutes to comb it and even then it didn't look good in the pictures for my blog.
If you don't know much about afro hair here is my quick little guide about mine:
1. I have super thick, coarse and dry hair.
2. My hair tends to grow up and out rather than down so I will probably never have long flowing locks!
3. I have to wear a 'do-rag' at night, yep, this (un-)attractive piece of cloth gets wrapped around my head every night. Most mornings I will find it underneath Mr C as I always forget to clip it down!
4. I had a really bad experience with relaxing my hair at the hairdressers and now I have a patch of hair at the back that doesn't grow properly and is about 1 inch long. I never have my hair done in a salon now.
5. I'm always considering getting a weave but worried it will look too fake (plus Mr C doesn't approve of them)?
Here are a few before, during and after pictures of me getting my hair done. The kit I use is from Soft and Beautiful and I always use the regular. We have to make frequent trips to London to purchase this as it is very difficult to find where I live.

Before - Check out those roots!




Much better, I am sure you will agree!

Much Love


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