Thank you and a teeny tiny rant!

So first of all I would like to say thank you to everyone that has read my blog over the last few weeks and left comments.
September was a pretty rubbish month for me, I was admitted into hospital 3 times for a problem that has been ongoing for the last two years. Last week I finally had an operation, even though I have been in a lot of pain I'm finally relieved to have got somewhere. The past two years have been a constant battle with various doctors and consultants, I knew what the problem was but trying to get someone to agree with me was another story. I felt quite angry when after the op a consultant asked me if I knew that I had a lump that size..... ummm yes of course I did!!! grrrrr

So hopefully after my operation last week I'm on the road to recovery (fingers crossed) and in a few more weeks will be able to set foot in the shops again (sorry Mr C!)
Anyway whilst I have been at home I noticed that there is so much negativity towards fat people. Apparently, if you read some of the comments, we are some of the worst people around

I wish people would think about the effect that their nasty comments could/do have on people. I remember the night when I went out and some bloke shouted at me that I had fat legs. So what? The only problem that could have occurred from me having fat legs is if I had given him one swift kick in the knee caps! The main thing was that I thought I looked pretty good that night and that was enough to spur me on into having a good time.

This was not the first time its happened though, I was called names at school, bullied at college and have been shouted at in the street before.

I have sat here and thought yes I am fat, but this fat body of mine carried me through a HB count of 5.3 ( a normal count is 12-15)! I was almost a week or so away from heart failure, not from being fat but because I had hardly any oxygen in my body but somehow I made it through. I'm not ill because I'm fat, my health issues have occurred for other reasons. The fact that people want to spend time and energy berating fat people when there are far worse things happening in the world is beyond me.

So for all you bullies - if you think that calling me fat is going to break me you're wrong. I only have one shot at life and I'm going to live it no matter what size I am!
Much Love


  1. Well said Nat and I hope you're feeling better soon. The type of people who make nasty comments to strangers in person or online are going to be the type of people who end up friendless and alone in nursing homes, wondering why no one loves them, and not realising it's because they're toxic. F*ck em! x

    1. Thank you very much. There is just so much negativity at the moment, its driving me nuts! x


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