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Last week I had  quick peak on the E.L.F Cosmetics website and was pleasantly surprised to see a great selection.
I had been looking for a new concealer for a long time, my trusty old mac one had started to run out and I wanted to try something new.
I found this concealer set and placed it in my basket immediately, I was so happy as since Rimmel stopped stocking make up for black skin in places like Superdrug and Boots I have always bought my concealer from MAC. It was nice to find affordable make up.
I received my package a few days later and immediately tried the set. There are four different shades, this is really handy as it means that I can mix the colours together to conceal different areas of my face. The texture is really nice, smooth and easy to put on using my fingers. I tried it first on the dark circles under my eyes and it stayed put all day and gave me the more 'awake' look I was after!

I also bought a few other items, first of all the cuticle pen. Mine are in a shocking state at the moment, as soon as I tried this they looked better so this will certainly become part of my nail care routine.

The blending brush is something that I was in need of, even though I have a lovely brush set this was something that it was missing.

Last of all I got the Eyebrow Treat and Tame. I normally use clear gel only but wanted something to define them as well.

Overall I am impressed with my first order from E.L.F and will be placing an order for some more items in the near future!
Have you ordered anything from E.L.F and what were your favourites?
Much Love


  1. I've been using the concealer for years and it suits my skin really well. I also love the mist and set spray, it does it does actually it says on the tin

    1. I didn't realise they did a concealer for dark skin, am really pleased with it. I am going to place another order so will have to give the spray a try!

  2. I took the plunge and ordered some bits which have arrived today I think the prices are really good I went for the HD powder after seeing Leah blog about it xx

    1. I am going to try the HD Powder. I saw it on Leah as well and her skin looked flawless! x


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