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On Saturday I went to Plus London. I was so excited to go seeing as I had missed out on Plus North. I must admit though about an hour before I was still really nervous about going and almost turned back to go home. After spending three weeks in recovery at home, being out in the real world sent me into an almighty panic.

After an epic almost 3 hour journey we arrived at Hoxton. I was slightly paranoid about being late so we got there just before 10.00am, which gave us plenty of time to enjoy breakfast at the Long White Cloud. I had scrambled egg and beans on toast and Mr C had an English breakfast which we both thoroughly enjoyed. Once we had finished drinking our OJ's at a leisurely pace we then wandered off to find the venue.  It was literally around the corner from the café! I went up to the doors around 10.45 but that was still too early so we went for a quick hot chocolate and coffee and waited outside.

At 11.00am I went inside and Mr C went off for a little mini adventure around Hoxton and Shoreditch!

I was a complete numpty and forgot to take pictures inside! Sorry! The first section was Simply Be, they had some of the collection on show. I was so caught up at looking at the items they had I forgot to take my camera out! It was so nice to see the mermaid dress up close, it is really beautiful!

I then wandered around and had a look Curvissa, Twisted Siren, Miss Lacy Ltd, Apples & Pears and Curvy Kate!

I had my make up done by Lilly who was working with Betty Pamper. It was my first time ever wearing red lipstick and false eyelashes!

I also got measured by the gorgeous Himare at Curvy Kate. All these years I have been wearing the wrong bra size! I'm actually a 36GG and not a 40E. To say it was a shock was an understatement, oh well, at least I can go shopping for pretty new bras in the correct size.

Even though I was only there for a couple of hours it was fantastic. My only disappointment was the fact that my anxiety and shyness got the better of me and I was too scared to approach people whose blogs I read and say hello. Even though I have spent the past year learning to finally love my body, gaining confidence in social situations is one thing I really need to work on. So I apologise for my short, nervous conversations with people!

Much Love


  1. I'm glad you had fun and managed to push past your nerves! x

  2. Must catch up at the next event xx

  3. Aww what a shame that we did not talk. I was so nervous too and would have loved to talk with you. Are you coming to the Christmas Market that Club Indulge are having in December? :)


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