7 year itch....no thanks!


On the 5th of November Mr C and I celebrated our 7 year anniversary since our first date. How time flies hey! Even after all this time I still love as much as I did at the start!

Ok enough soppy stuff now!

We had planned to do something special this year seeing last November we celebrated with me being in hospital, our romantic dinner for two was some wonderful hospital food!

This year Mr C took me to local Turkish Restaurant for dinner. It was amazing! The food is wonderful here and the staff are so friendly. We have been once before and this time was as good as the first.

I decided to wear my new dress that I picked up from Asda. There was only a 20 left in this dress, I was a bit dubious at first as I normally size up in dresses but I'm glad I went for this one. The material is sooo soft, it feels like im wrapped in the most cosiest blanket. The length is a little bit shorter than what I would normally go for but with knee high boots it doesn't feel so bad.  I also love the fact that its long sleeved, all the dresses that I have seen/purchased recently are all short sleeved.

Here are a few pictures of my outfit and dinner!

Much Love


  1. So precious! Congrats on your anniversary, hope the date was as romantic as it looked. And that dress really does look soft and cozy.

  2. Happy Anniversary! I love your dress and I agree about the long sleeves nice to see especially with the colder weather x x

  3. Such a cute date. You look fab.
    Happy anniversary!



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