A Weekend Away


A few weeks ago Mr C and I booked the Thursday and Friday off work to make a nice long weekend.

Thursday was super busy with having new carpets fitted but then we decided to go for lunch and watch the new Hunger Games movie, which had a very odd ending! That evening we decided that we would pack a suitcase and head off somewhere for one maybe two nights the following morning!

So Friday morning we get up nice and early and head to Gloucester. I had read about Gloucester Quays and wanted to see what it was like. After an hour we were there, at first we couldn't get into the car park which nearly made us turn around, luckily we persevered and they finally opened it up!

Gloucester quays isn't very big, if it wasn't for the fact that there was a wonderful Victorian Christmas market there I would have been very disappointed that we had driven all that way for a handful of shops. Anyway we still had a good look around and bought a few things, mainly for the house. We hadn't even booked a hotel for the night so after shopping we quickly went online to find somewhere to stay. We ended up at the Holiday Inn Express which was fine for one night.

Over dinner we decided to go somewhere else the next day, it was a bit of a debate whether we should go to Nottingham or down to Bournemouth. In the end we decided to go to Cardiff, only an hour away from Gloucester.

So after a good nights sleep we set off for Cardiff the next morning. We parked and went into St Davids Shopping Centre, all I can say is WOW! so many shops, it was like shopping heaven!! We spent a good 5 hours wondering around, I didn't buy too much as it was so busy but I did manage to get into the E.L.F store and pick up a few bits (i'll show on another post). After a quick dinner in Prezzo we decided not to drive home and find another hotel to stay in! This proved rather difficult this time as the first 4 we tried were fully booked. In the end we found a Premier Inn on the outskirts of town and got our heads down for the night!

The next morning was the long drive home with a quick stop in Bath and some lovely food at Tollgate Teahouse!

In all it was a wonderful weekend, very random and something that we will definitely be doing next year but where should we go?!

Much Love


  1. How lovely to just get in the car and go! I have been Cardiff and loved it the shopping is good. My recommendations would be Chester, York or Oxford all beautiful cities and well worth a visit x


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