Another Dress!?


Yes I purchased another dress! If you read my earlier in the year you may have noticed the lack of pictures of me wearing skirts/dresses. After having a bit of a rubbish year and putting on some weight I was lacking confidence and hid in trousers and jeans all the time.

Since I have been blogging I noticed that a lot of the lovely ladies I follow wear skirts and dresses without a care in the world and they all look fabulous! This has inspired me to purchase a few more dresses and skirts.

This is another one that I purchased from Asda. The geometric print is normally something I would shy away from but I wanted something a little different this time.

I wore it to work this week and I LOVE it!  The length was just right for me , teamed with my leggings and short boots it was the perfect outfit!

Much Love

Much Love


  1. Good for you lovely! That dress looks great on you!!! xx

  2. I do love a nice dress/leggings combo for work at this time of year. Looks good!


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