Ebay Excitement


I had never used Ebay until last year. I was completely clueless about how it all worked until Mr C sat me down one evening and showed me....big mistake!

I usually go on once or twice a week and look for stuff. Recently I have been looking for tunics or dresses to wear with my leggings. My wardrobe was bursting with jeans and to be honest I was getting pretty bored of wearing them.

I went on a few weeks ago and saw this dress, it was from New Look and had only worn a couple of times, it was £13 including P&P.

I love the flower print on it, normally I would go for a plain colour but this time I fancied a bit of colour. The fabric has an almost woollen texture to it so it will work well in this cold weather and the length will be perfect for me to wear with my leggings and boots!

Here is how I styled it when I went out for Sunday lunch!

Do you shop on Ebay?

Much Love


  1. I do shop on ebay. A lot!! I sell as well and it is great fun. I have been shopping onm ebay for about 5 years now. Your find is beautiful. Lovely tunic and it suits you so well. xx

  2. I am totally addicted to Ebay I buy and sell. The tunic is lovely what a fab find x

  3. What a great find. I think I gonna have to spend more time online at eBay!


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