The Home Tag


So it's been a few months now since we moved home so I thought it would be perfect to do the 'Home Tag'! I saw this on SoTotallyVlog YouTube channel, you can watch it here.

Do you live at home, alone or with roommates?

I live with my fiancé , Mr C!

Do you shop a lot for your room/place? If so what are your favourite home-ware stores?

As much I like to shop for clothes I love shopping for house items. My favourite shop is Homesense, there are lots of unique pieces in there and at affordable prices. I also love Dunelm and The Range but some of the best bargains we have are either from car boots or secondhand shops!

Are you a neat or messy person?

Super neat, I can stand mess or clutter in the house.

Is there a specific decorative item/thing you can't live without in your room/house/place?

Cushions, I do love big, soft comfy cushions especially on the sofa.

Show your favourite home décor items, show and tell style!

Here are a few pictures of my favourite items in our house!

I tag everyone who reads this to take part!

Much Love


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