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A few weeks I wrote about a new brand in the UK called Taking Shape. If you have never heard of Taking Shape then have a look at their website here.

I was also recently given the chance to review an item of clothing from their collection.

I choose this gorgeous Notting Hill Coat because it looked like it would be perfect for this cold miserable weather at the moment.

I went for a size 20 and its fits perfectly. I'm always worried about coats with toggles, I have found in the past that they can be rather unflattering. Fortunately this one was far from that, it sat comfortably just below my hips and there was enough room to wear a nice chunky jumper underneath.

I wore this to work last week and what should happen as soon as I walk out the door.....pssssssssssss (that is the sound of rain ok, just work with me here!). No problem though, I just pulled up the hood and made it into the car without a spot a rain to frizzing up my hair!

My favourite thing about the coat it the detail on the shoulder, I feel it adds a modern touch to a classic design.

Keep a look out for the new SS14 collection coming to the website soon!
Much Love

*This coat was sent to me for review but all opinions and reviews are my own*


  1. You look so beautiful and this coat is a perfect fit for you. Great choice. xx

  2. That's a lovely coat and you look so cosy! x

  3. That is a lovely coat. Have nerve heard of that brand so going to gander off and have a look!

    Please feel free to check out my blog



  4. Lovely coat - so jealous that you get to wear one. Here in North Queensland we don't get winter. Love Taking shape, or TS14+ as we call it here - you can find great items on ebay too, if you search .au.

  5. Also, I love your blog, so I have nominated you for a Liebster award. Check out the nomination details at my blog here


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