Taking Shape

I'm always really happy when I see new plus size brands being launched. Gone are the days when I could never find anything to wear, clothes were either too frumpy or just didn't fit properly but in the past year I think that there have been some real changes.
Another brand that recently hit our high street and online are Taking Shape, with over 28 years’ experience and over 130 stores across Australia and New Zealand, Taking Shape expands into the UK with a great understanding of what fuller figured women are looking for. Taking Shape pride themselves on offering clothing that is fashionable, has personality and flatters; a fun, relaxed and friendly shopping experience; and real advice on how to dress for your size.
I had a look at the website and here are my top five picks:


There are also lots of other lovely items so have a look at the website here.
Much Love
*This post was written in conjunction with Taking Shape





  1. First I love the name Taking Shape. It's so positive. I went to their site and was intrigued with the Wayside Tunic. Half solid black on one side and pattern on the other. Looks like they have plus sizing down. Thanks for posting this new find!.


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