The Black Dress


I went to Tesco shopping and guess what! I bought some clothes. Maybe one day I will go into a supermarket and just buy food...maybe!

There were quite a few items on sale so I couldn't resist having a peek through.

I picked up this gorgeous dress for £7. It's skater style which is something that I normally stay away from because of the 'bubble butt'. This one does come up a bit at the back but only about 1/2 inch which isn't too bad compared to other skater dresses I have tried.

There is leather look detail on the shoulders which I love. The material just skims over all my lumps and bumps so I felt really comfortable in it when I wore it to work. I paired it with a cardigan, black leggings and short boots.

I also picked up a lovely chiffon top that was on sale but I will show that in another post!


Much Love



  1. You look adorable! Very appropriate work outfit, and I think skater dresses suit you. You should try them more often.

    1. Thank you! I am looking for some other skater dresses that fit as well.


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