Dressing Up


A few weeks ago I had a quick look at the New Look sale. I had my eye on a dress for quite awhile but was unsure about wearing a full print. Anyway one evening I went online again and saw that they only had a few left, I took that as a sign that I should order it!

I wore it on Saturday night on our weekend away for dinner. I'm so glad I bought it, it fits so well, there was enough room to accommodate my expanding waist whilst eating the delicious 3 course meal!

It also fit really well over my ample bottom. I 've tried to get along with skater dresses but the love just isn't there sadly. I kept accessories to a minimum and just wore a simple bracelet.

I'm loving wearing dresses at the moment and will be on the look for some more, especially with a print like this one!
If you have any recommendation for where else to get nice dresses let me know!
Much Love


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