Body Confidence. What it means to me...


At the Curvissa Plusport we had to fill in a quick questionnaire about Body Confidence.

Body confidence has been a issue for me for a long time. I spent most of my teenage years painfully shy, something which led me to eat and eat and gain weight. I always used to wish that I was more confident like my friends, to be able to have fun without worrying what people thought of me. I used to eat my feelings, when I was sad, I ate.
As the years went by it didn't get any better, I was bullied throughout my years at college by a group of girls in my class. Not by words but just by being left out, that hurt me more than if they had called all sorts of names.
2013 was finally a year that I began to feel more comfortable in my own skin. Yes, I am bigger than most girls, but I am me. I love fashion and starting my blog has given the confidence to wear things that I would normally have shied away from.
My role model first and foremost is my mum. She has always had a wonderful sense of style and inspired me to take pride in how I looked, not for anyone else but for me. There was a point when I used live in joggers and black trousers, I was far too scared to wear a skirt!
Fashion bloggers, especially plus size bloggers, are all role models for me. There are probably so many people that will say that I shouldn't say that someone who is fat is a role model. These ladies inspire me to try clothes that I wouldn't have ever dreamed about trying, they talk about being positive and living life. In no way shape or form are they promoting obesity, they are women with style, who dress well and just happen to be fat, plus size, or just a human being like everyone else.
Do you have any Body Confidence tips?
Much Love





  1. Love this! My best tip is just to love your body and love the clothes you put on it! xx

  2. Well said! The phrase 'Promoting obesity' pees me off. It's like saying a person is promoting breathing! People exist in all shapes and sizes and saying someone is promoting obesity is just a bigot's way of saying 'You don't deserve to exist.' Anyone who comes out with that phrase is a flaming idiot, and that's me being polite! :D x x

  3. As someone once said to me "size is just a number". So true.

  4. Body confidence is being a serious issue for most of the people, those are especially suffering obesity problems and related to this. But there is nothing wrong with being fat, definitely size and age is just a number, we should proud of it. We should love our body doesn't matter what kind of shape and size we have. Thanks for such an inspiring post.
    Confidence Tips


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