Just a grey day


To ease the doom and gloom of not making it to BPSW Mr C decided to take me shopping the day after. It was one of those random shopping trips where you think you won't buy anything and then then every shop you go into you want something.

Luckily Mr C was with me so I could appoint him as chief bag carrier, a job that he enjoys so much! Or not!

Anyway I just wanted to show this gorgeous coat I picked up in the Debenhams sale. I feel Joseph in his Technicolor Dreamcoat......I close my eyes... yes, you understand right?!

I wore it a few weeks later on an outing to snowdrop Sunday at a local village


 The coat is by Rocha - John Rocha. It was an absolute steal as it was reduced from £120 to £36. As soon as I saw it I knew it had to be covering my chubby little arms.

It is a wool blend with a soft cotton knit collar. I went for the size 20, mainly because that was all that was left. I did wonder if me and my beautiful big bum would fit in it! Luckily it's fits wonderfully around that bit and everything else!

Oh hello gorgeous jacket !
Have you found any good sale buys recently?
Much Love


  1. It's a lovely coat! I love Joseph, we used to sing a lot of the songs at senior school in music. x


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