OMCZ #28


This weeks OMCZ challenge was chosen by Mary.

Here is what she wrote:

Theme: Bring your high heels

I know that heels make our feet hurt and sometimes is quite difficult to walk however, is there anything more stylish than a woman in high heels?
You may have a simple dress and no accessories but if you put your heels on you will be the most elegant girl in the room so ladies I what to see your heels!!
Hope this challenge will suit everyone!

This was definitely out of my comfort zone, I rarely wear heels anymore apart from the odd night out!


These black ones from Sainsburys are my favourite heels, they are not particularly high but they are comfortable enough to wear out (for a few hours!). They also make an appearance in quite a few of my blog photos!

The boots below have a heel that is more 'me'! I always find wedges comfy to walk in and these ones don't make my feet hurt!

Shoes are...good. When they don't make your feel hurt!
Have a look at everyone else's heels!
Much love


  1. You look gorgeous!!!
    Do wear heels more often! ;)*

  2. I think mid height heels or wedges are the way to go! x


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