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So it has been a while since I have done a payday picks post. I'm still in the midst of not shopping during lent but that doesn't mean that I can't window shop..right!


Curvissa have so many nice pieces at the moment. As soon as easter is here the monochrome shift will be hanging happily in my wardrobe, until then here is a peek at some of my other favourites!




Cap Sleeve Print Detailed Top
Cap Sleeve Print Detail Top

Colour Contrast Detailed Shift Dress
Colour Contrast Detailed Shift Dress

Tropical Print Harem Trousers

Tropical Print Harem Trousers

Have a look at all the other lovely items on the Curvissa website.

Much Love




  1. Colour Contrast Detailed Shift Dress is my favorite.

  2. you looked so lovely in your dress at the Plus Port event so you have to get that!! :) I loved my dress to so hopefully it will come on sale soon so I can buy it cause I can't afford it now. :) xx


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