TK Maxx Goodies


Since moving house it seems like TK Maxx/HomeSense have become second homes for me. I might just say to Mr C oh perhaps we could stop by TK Maxx on the way home for quick look. These quick looks soon turn into an hour and a lot of pounds spent!

The last time we went in for some cake tins this is what I came out with minus cake tins of course, well I can't wear them can I !

This lovely make up holder. I'm still working on filling it up.

These Essie nail polishes were £12.99 for 3.

A few more lip-glosses for my collection!

This book, just because I grew up in the 90's

I saw a few beauty bloggers writing/talking about this a few months ago, I'm going to try it cleaning my brushes.
Another notebook, just to add to my collection!
TK Maxx also have lots of lovely home stuff, once we have finished decorating I will be in there looking at bits for the house.
Do you shop in TK Maxx or HomeSense?
Much Love


  1. Ooh, I love that makeup holder. There's a TK Maxx 15 mins walk away from me but I hardly ever go there. I need to remedy this! x x


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