It has been a long time since I last went to Primark, in fact I think it was when we went to Cardiff last November!

Yesterday Mr C wanted to have a look around GAME, this was not my idea of fun so whilst he was in there I popped into Primark for a ''quick'' look around.

The black and white stripe and pink tops were both £3. I tried on the B/W top and I am in love! They are both cropped but fit so well. The T-Shirt is a PJ top, I have tons of bottoms but not many tops for some reason.

I couldn't resist picking up a couple of pairs of the flats!

I am really into belts at them moment. My favourite is the bow one.
I also picked up a pretty skirt and it had pockets! It's a shame that I tried it on it appears to be see through and quite short!
There are some nice pieces in Primark at the moment but I do think that it is getting more expensive or am I just a cheapskate!
Have you got anything good from Primark recently?
Much Love


  1. Ohh I think i am in need of a Primark shopping, I do agree that some stuff it's more expensive than it was but they've also improved the designs right? things are cooler me thinks!
    Pat xx


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