Styling the 'fro!


A few weeks ago I got a lovely email from someone saying how lovely my hair was in my photos, to be honest I was a bit shocked, my hair drives me nuts, absolutely flipping nuts!

I have to relax it every 5-6 months otherwise it goes wild, honestly, when I wake up my hair is so big I'm surprised it doesn't knock Mr C out of the bed!

Last year I discovered this L'Oreal Shampoo and conditioner, recently I have seen a few beauty bloggers talking about. I LOVE IT, yes I do. I'm really picky when it comes to using hair shampoos, I need something super moisturizing but trying to find ones for afro hair in my local boots or superdrug is just not going to happen.

This one is sulphate free which I believe makes a difference, my hair is always soft after using it and doesn't get frizzy. The bottles last me for ages as I only wash my hair once maybe twice a week.

I can't dry my hair naturally, it takes half a day to dry so I do it quickly usually in 15-20 minutes with my Wahl Powerpick. I don't like to have too much heat on my hair so drying it more than once or twice a week ruins it. I also avoid hair straighteners and use Velcro rollers if I want to give my hair volume.

Last of all I use this hair moisturiser by Palmers after I have dried my hair and then every other day. It keeps my hair soft and allows me to keep it fairly under control!

Blurghhh! But it makes my hair feel so soft!

Do you have a favourite hair product at the moment?
Much Love


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