Garden Time


When I first start blogging I wanted to incorporate my love of fashion and gardening. The fashion soon took over from the gardening but that was mainly due to me being too ill to do anything!

Over the Easter bank holiday I said to Mr C that we should perhaps try and cut the grass and tidy up the garden. 5 hours later the grass cutting had turned into weeding, digging and planting, hee hee! I did not take part in the digging, that was Mr Cs job which he thoroughly enjoyed!

We were so engrossed that I didn't get a chance to take a before picture but here is picture of when we got about halfway.

We spent about £50 to get the garden looking fairly decent. A lot of items such as the stone edging was just laying around the garden from the previous owners and the Buddha was hidden at the top of the driveway behind the gates.

The Snobby Dragon

The Hostas I picked up a few weeks ago from Car Boot sale. I tend to get quite a lot of plants and flowers from car boots or small nurserys. If I'm looking for a short burst of colour over the summer I always go the 'homebase graveyard', the bit right at the back of the gardening section where they have all the dying plants. You can get  flowers super cheap here and with a lot of love and patience you can save them!

I also got this chair, it was from a vintage shop/ salvage yard. I love the fact that it is well worn and I like to think of people have sat in this chair admiring their own gardens over prior to it ending up in the yard.

I will be doing a few more posts on the garden over the next few months as the other side is still being worked on. Hopefully by the time the sun decides make an appearance for more than a week we will have a lovely seating area!

Much Love


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