Shop My Stash #2


Welcome to the second post in the Shop my Stash challenge!

Over the past few weeks especially during Shop My Wardrobe for Lent I have been trying to sort out of my wardrobe. Since moving in 7 months ago I haven't had a chance to sort out my clothes, shoes, accessories until now!

Mr C and I went to Costco a few months ago to stock up my hot chocolate for our Tassimo, my latest addiction! Whilst we were there I saw these space saving hangers, I had already tried some from
Primark but within months all but one had snapped in half.

The before picture

The old hangers

 Here is how it looks after I used the hangers.
Ta da!

I'm trying to group items together and even colour coordinate, its still a work in progress!

I hope that I can keep my jeans nice and tidy!

The second wardrobe is still a work in progress!

The best thing about sorting out my wardrobe is finding lots of items that I haven't worn for a long time or not worn yet. Even after finding stuff for the shop my wardrobe for Lent challenge I am still finding clothes!

Much Love


Here are the other lovely ladies taking part!


  1. Ooh, that's a bumper pack of hangers! I have some non slip ones from Poundland which are really good, thus far at least! :) x x

    1. I had to buy some more! I was shocked at how many clothes I had! x

  2. Oh, yeah! I switched to these hangers a few years ago and it makes a world of difference, as you can see. Beautious!


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