Garden time


Just a quick  post about the garden today!

I went to Lidl recently and found these plant pot thingymajigs! Technical gardening term there, I expect Monty Don to ring soon and ask to use that on Gardeners World Live!

This is super easy gardening, pop some nice compost in the pot, I used John Innes no 3. Then take the top off, place the packing with the bulbs on top of the compost, put some more compost on top and water.


Hopefully in a few weeks some shoots will start popping up!


I also went to a local nursey and picked up quite a few bits. It's always nice finding a small garden centre, this one doesn't advertise or have a fancy building so they are able to keep the price of the plants low.



The shrub in the back corner was green a few weeks ago! I had a lovely surprise one morning when I opened the curtains to see that it has bloomed!

Much Love




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