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Many moons ago when I was a mere youngster my skin was ok, I rarely got spots, it wasn't too oily and I didn't bother with makeup unless I was going out. Going into my 20s, my skin got worse for some reason, I ended up with really bad scarring from spots, which got so bad I used to spend more than half an hour every morning piling on the concealer and foundation to cover everything.

I eventually had microdermabrasion which got rid of a lot of the scars but it is very expensive at £60 a facial every two weeks for 3 months and then once a month for another 3 months (luckily I was still living at home at this point!)

Now I'm into my thirties my skin has gone on a downward spiral again. I seem to wake up with a new spot every other morning which is really annoying. I have decided to really have go at sticking to a skincare regime and also try some new products.

Here is what I am going to be using.

I am going to give this a go and report back in two weeks. Hopefully with some good results!

Do you have any skincare favourites? Have you tried any of these products?
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