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Natalie has been bugging me for some time to write a couple of posts for her, so here I am! Mr C is finally taking the opportunity offered to publish some of his thoughts.

There are many things that I could have written this blog on, but unfortunately not many of those topics would have held much interest for you guys – the loyal readers and followers. So I am going to keep my first one quite simple  - who am I and my experiences so far of living with a plus size blogger.

Well, where to start? I am 30+ (cough cough) years old, slightly hard of hearing and the day job is an Assistant Accountant working for a Charity. I am plus size as well, have been for as long as I can remember, well, give or take a few years of short term success of being fitter and skinnier. Then again, even when I was exercising every day and doing pretty much every sport (at one time or another in my life so far) ever invented I have never been what people would now class as “normal” or “skinny”. To be honest, my biggest problem was that even though I would do lots of sport I also enjoyed food too much, still do to be honest. I can go months without any Alcohol and have never so much as taken a solitary puff on a cigarette or anything. BUT, food………………. Ahhhhhh food – my everlasting friend that hates my waistline but helps me feel better when I need a pick me up. If only chocolate and crisps weren’t so blooming tasty and so good at making me feel better! Oh well, a little bit of exercise probably wouldn’t go amiss in my middle aged years either, but that is another discussion for another day.

 I met Natalie nearly 8 years ago now. We have been engaged and living together now for nearly 7 years. When she decided to start the blogging I had no idea just how important it would become to her. Many are the evenings & weekends that are spent taking, and finding new locations for, photos and listening to her tip-tap away on her laptop. Not that I complain, this gives me time to play on my PS3 and X-Box etc to my hearts content – except when I am called in to action as the (unpaid) photographer. We do have some fun taking the photos though and have tried to incorporate these in to our trips out. I can honestly say that she gets a huge amount of pleasure from writing the blogs and whenever she gets a nice comment left on her blog or on twitter, well, she almost explodes with happiness. It does seem crazy that the 300 blog mark has come and gone already. To those of you who have entered the competition, Good Luck, a lot of time and thought was put in to getting (hopefully) the right prizes and we both sincerely hope the winners enjoy what  they receive.

 Natalie has talked me in to doing a couple of blogs over the next few days. I won’t say what on, but I will explain why. The first reason is she had been bugging me anyway to do a couple of posts from a blokes point of view of being plus size. The second, and why there will be a few this week, including this one, is that she will be unfortunately doing loads of overtime due to work commitments this week. Normal service will be resumed though and whether I make this a semi-regular thing going forward or not will depend on the reaction my posts get from you out there in blog-land.

Thanks for reading!
Mr C.


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