So, I seem to have developed a slight love affair with ASOS. Over the last few months many a lunchtime has been spent browsing the site and hoping that I won the lottery that week.
A few weeks ago I received that email with the words I had been longing to see...SALE! So, once again at lunchtime it was tools down and time for some major browsing.
I had been on the hunt for a black maxi skirt and hurrah, I finally found one. I must admit I was bit sceptical at first, the skirt is pretty long but the spilt and buttons at the front finally won me over.

The jacket is also from ASOS, I got it a few months ago again in the sales. The yellow top is from H&M, just the regular section. I love to try everything on because you never know when something will take you by surprise when it fits.

Hi Shoes!
Do you enjoy shopping on ASOS?
Much Love


  1. I love this look. The skirt is great. I've gone off ASOS recently as I've been trying to spend less, but I did sneak in one purchase from the sale. x


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