The Weekend Break

At the end of June Mr and C and I decided it was time for a weekend break to recharge our batteries. I took a risk this time and decided to let Mr C decide where we were going and to book the accommodation...eeek!

Hello Great Yarmouth!

Oh I do like to be beside the seaside!

All of this went in my belly (well I did give Mr C a tiny piece of scone)

Super yum breakfast!

The room of doom

Storm clouds brewing over Mr C.

My first time *arcade* bowling!

Dinner at a Portguese, it was delicious.

I could eat this right now!

I couldn't resist starting the cake before taking a picture.

Olives..I love them and these tasted amazing.

It was a good weekend. I had never been to Great Yarmouth before. I really enjoy going to different seaside towns, the sea air, hot doughnuts on the pier and air hockey at the arcades, what more could a girl ask for!

Do you have any suggestions of places to go to?

Much Love



  1. I love Great Yarmouth and have been there on holiday many times. I also like Cornwall a lot, and Weymouth - I've been to those three umpteen times and they're always a winner. x


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