I love the summer but having to sit in a hot stuffy office all day is beginning to take its toll.

Until last week I had never worn a vest top to work, ever. Every summer I always made sure that my arms or at least the top of them was covered in the office but oddly enough at the weekend I felt free enough to bare arms and legs and not give two hoots!

This week has been a revelation, I'm hot and couldn't care about my bingo wings. These wings are not going anywhere soon so I might as well learn to love them!


Skirt - Asos
Vest Top - Debenhams
Shoes - Primark
How are you all coping with the heat?

Much Love


  1. I love that skirt and your arms are great. I've got an industrial sized fan on me at all times! xx

  2. Hi, I always wear sleveless tops in summer, it's to hot! Maybe is because I am from Spain and there you had to wear as little clothes as possible to stay cool but I don't see why you should have to hide your lovely arms, don't!! it's all in our heads xx

    1. I know, they always make me feel so self conscious but I'm getting more confident as the weeks go by! x

  3. I love that skirt from Asos. My colors and you look so nice in it. Funny we have names for certain curves -- but in the end we are "curvilious" women!


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