Co Washing

Until a few months ago I was just a shampoo first and then conditioner kind of girl, then Leah from Just Me Leah wrote about reverse washing and I became obsessed, my hair felt soft, silky and so swishy I wanted to do hair flicks all the time and promptly gave myself a mild case of whiplash!
So when I read about co-washing I just thought oh no. I couldn't resist trying it. The idea is simple, you 'wash' your hair with conditioner and that's it.
So, I wet my hair, put on my favourite conditioner, L'Oreal Eversleek, leave it on for a few minutes and then rinse off.
I was worried that my hair would feel greasy afterwards, there have been times when I haven't rinsed the conditioner properly and my hair went all lank and greasy.
It was quite the opposite, my hair was soft, really soft. The heat had made my hair so dry so this was exactly what it needed.
It's not something that I would do every time I wash my hair but maybe every 2-3 weeks.

Have you ever tried co-washing?
Much Love


  1. I'm glad you posted about this because I was curious. Since I've been reverse shampooing sometimes my hair feels clean before I shampoo. So I will give it a go. Xx


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