OMCZ #39


Theme: Free Week
It does feel very strange to be sat here to be writing this. I never thought I would actually say that wearing jeans feels quite out of my comfort zone!
Before I started blogging jeans were a staple part of my wardrobe, Saturday shopping, jeans and a top, Sunday day out, jeans and a top, night out, well you can guess.
Years ago when I lost loads of weight I always wore skirts and dresses, then I put back on the weight and suddenly it was back to wearing jeans and trousers,  since I started blogging I have regained enough confidence to start wearing dresses and skirts again.
On the odd occasion when I do wear jeans now I usually pick one of these three pairs, all from Yours Clothing. Out of all the ones that I have tried these fit the best, hugging my bum and thighs but with enough stretch so I can still bend over and pick up all those shopping bags!




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