Outfit August


I'm a big fan of wearing flats, heels and me do not get on. Primark has always been my go to shop for flats, a good selection in lots of styles, colours and prices you can't go wrong!
Recently I have been finding that their shoes haven't been lasting as long and I'm finding myself having to throw away shoes more often due to them wearing down so, because of that I thought I would try somewhere else for nice but affordable shoes.
Hello comfy shoes!
At £7.99 a pair these flats are a great price and super comfortable. I've worn them on many shopping trips and I have no complaints so far!
I picked up these from HM last year! Yes, 2013! In the process of moving I packed them up and they sat in a box until a couple of months ago.

I recently purchased a few more pairs, these will be nice for the end of summer and then also into the autumn months.
Don't forget to check out the other lovely ladies taking part.
Much Love


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