Skincare Update


A few weeks ago I posted about new skincare routine. I thought that I would do a little update and let you know how I've been getting on!

Soap and Glory face wash and scrub.
I was slightly worried about using new products, my skin was not looking so good, I had spots around my jaw and temples that would come up, disappear and the come back again.
The peaches and clean face wash is good, leaves my skin soft but not feeling clean. I'm going to try another cleanser but still keep this one to wash my face at night. The face scrub however is a keeper, my skin feel smooth and clear after using it.

The Effaclar duo + has been my biggest surprise. I'm always quite sceptical about using products that have a lot of hype surrounding them especially ones that are quite expensive.

When I first tried the cream my skin did sting quite a bit, in fact I wanted to scratch my face off at one point! But I preserved and really happy that I did. I've about two spots since I started using this, my face is less oily, my blemishes are fading and any spots that do come up disappear within a few hours. If, as an adult, you still suffer with spots I would highly recommend this.

My weekend happy morning face, I didn't want to subject you all to morning work face!
Have you tried any other Effaclar products? What are your thoughts?
Much Love


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