Blogtober - Day 1 - Introduction

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Day 1 - Introduction
Welcome to day 1 of Blogtober! Can you believe it's October already, this year has gone so fast, for me the count down to Christmas will soon start and to my birthday! eeek!
The lovely Nikki from Natty Nikki came up with idea to blog everyday in October. I do love a challenge so couldn't resist taking part!
Don't forget to take a look at the #blogtober to see Nikki's and other bloggers posts every day!
Much Love

Blogtober - Day 2 - Instagram Round Up

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Instagram Round up
I'm the one that ''likes'' a lot, comments a little and hardly every posts pictures!
Here is a short but sweet instagram round up for you.
Much Love

Blogtober - Day 4 - Post your favourite receipe

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Post your favourite recipe
So, this isn't actually a recipe from a book but something that I threw together one Saturday night and it was delicious!
I baked 3 Salmon fillets in white wine, butter and mixed herbs half wrapped in foil at 220 (fan assisted oven), along with the fish I popped in 2 sweet potatoes and 2 large peppers. I baked everything for 30 minutes.
Towards the end I made some vegetable cous-cous to stuff in the peppers and served up with some vegetables.

I definitely need to work on my presentation skills!

A quick and simple dinner for Saturday night!
Much Love

Blog Sale

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So I've decided to have a little blog sale! Most of the items have been worn once or not at all (some with tags on!)

Please email me at or tweet me at @mrsbadger1 if you are interested in any of the items or would like any further information. I don't always get notifications about my post comments so if you could email or tweet that would be wonderful!

Postage is £4 per item and this will be sent by Royal Mail 2nd Class, the only exception is the black dress as it is quite heavy. I will be posting items out next Saturday and will let you know once they have been sent.

Payment is by Paypal only and confirmation will be sent by email once payment has been received.

Unfortunately I will only ship within the UK.

Royal Blue Shift Dress from George @ Asda - BNWT - £6 (not inc P&P)

Black Dress -Gok Wan at Sainsburys - Size 22 - £12 (not inc P&P)
This is a drop waist dress with control so it's quite tight fitting, more like a size 20.

T-Shirt from F21 - Size 1x (18/20) - £6 (not inc p&p). This comes up quite small. The front is made from rayon so has a silky feel to it and the back is like a t-shirt material.

Deep V Neck Peplum - Size 20. BNWT- £6 (not inc P&P)

Bird Print Top from F&F @ Tesco - £5 (not inc p&p) Size 20

Pink Clove Skirt- BNWT -Size 24 - £4 (not inc p&p)

Flower print tunic from Peacocks - Size 22- Comes up quite small over hips. £5 (not inc p&p)

Pink Clove Dress - Size 26/28 but more like 24/26. -£5 (not inc p&p)

Pink Clove Dress - BNWOT - Size 24 - £8 (not inc p&p).

ASOS Dress- Size 24- The grey dress is t-shirt material and body con so comes up quite small - BNWT - £10 (not inc p&p) -
Much Love

Clothes Swap - Plus North

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So you may have read my post from Plus North, an event that was held in Leeds a few weeks ago. On the Sunday there was a clothes swap.

I took around 8 items but when we arrived at the hotel I changed my mind over one item so that promptly went back in my suitcase but without Mr C noticing! Ha!

These are two of the items that got from the swap. The third item I will be doing in a separate post.

I love this tunic. It is the perfect colour and also has pockets. I already know that I will get a lot of wear out of this in the cooler weather.

Red Tunic - Evans
Leggings - F21
Boots - Evans

I was also really happy with this dress. It's a little bit big but can be tied at he back to pull in the waist. I'm looking forward to wearing this to work.

Thank you to whoever bought these items to the swap!

Much Love



Outside the food comfort zone

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Mr C and I are stuck in a rut, a food rut that is. Weeks of working late and generally busy lives have meant that our evening meals have become a lot of the same old things, fajitas, rice and fish, mince, veg and potatoes.

I'm not going lie, we seem to collect cook books, we ahh and umm over them in the shop, buy one, come home, look at the pictures and then stick it on the shelf!

So, last night we decided to dust off our Hairy Bikers cookbook and try a recipe. I appointed Mr C as chef as I'm more of the baker in the house.

Here is what we made!

Cook book corner.

The wine glasses get more use than the books!

Veg prep.

The recipe.

Fish in, yum!

Mr C, the chef.

Ta Da, the end result!

We left off the breadcrumbs and cheese but it was still a delicious meal and a nice change! We will definitely be trying some more recipes in the future.
Much Love

Glowwbox #2

Tuesday, 16 September 2014 | 1 comment

This is the second Glowwboxx that I received. On the website you can have a preview of what's to come but I never look at it as I quite enjoy the surprise!

This is what was in the box. I'm not a fan of nail stickers so I didn't try them. The patches are ones for under the eye, I must admit that every time I go to try them I get nervous, a couple of teaspoons that have been in the fridge is the what I normally use but one day I will be brave!

My two favourite products from the box were the hair butter, which left my hair lovely and soft and has a really beautiful scent to it and the lip gloss, I tried this on an evening out and it lasted quite well, around three hours before I had to refresh.

Have you ever tried any beauty box subscriptions?
Much Love

I Feel Good

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Time for the next I Feel Good challenge.

"You know sometimes when you spend ages getting ready for a night out, an event or even just a blog post, and the reflection in mirror isn't what you hoped?  This challenge is for those times when you look in the mirror, no pre planning involved, and think "I look good today".  
 We all have our good days and our bad, but this challenge is to record those good days and to remember that confidence, at any size, is beautiful.



This was from my sister wedding day. It was the first time I've ever had my hair put up properly and I loved it! I tried to re-create this look again for the 2nd wedding we went to but...epic fail. Remember if at first you don't succeed try try try again! (I will be ready for Christmas party season!).

Much Love

Mr C Talks - Being happy with yourself

Sunday, 14 September 2014 | 1 comment

Hello again!

I have decided to tackle a subject that I struggled with for a very long time, something that I wish everyone could have. What I am talking about, dear readers, is being happy with yourself.
There was such a stigma attached in my youth to being overweight that, if anything, made it harder for me as depression over being bullied at school made me reach for chocolate, crisps, fizzy drinks, burgers - literally whatever I could lay my hands on. And it didn't seem to matter how often I played football, tennis, rugby or I did karate, gymnastics, swimming or bike riding. No matter what I did I always struggled to lose weight.
I did go through a couple of periods, same as Nat did, where I got uber-serious about losing weight and went to the extremes. In my case it was a minimum of 1 visit to the gym EVERY day plus swimming and also take part in as many other sports as I could. I also went on a white meat only diet along with just pasta, boiled potatoes, vegetables and fruit . Well, it didn't last long and what took me over a year to lose went back, and more besides, on in under 6 months!

In the last few years we tried WW and I got bored with it after less than 3 months. I don't know how it has been for other people, male and female, but being with a plus size woman, whom I love absolutely to bits, has made it so much easier for me to be comfortable with myself. I am not talking just about my actual size, as I have very much a "couldn't care less what other people think of me" attitude and will happily let my gut hang out on holiday! But I mean happy with myself, as a person. 
It has taken many years and a lot of overcome obstacles to get to where I am today. Don't, however, assume that this means that there are things I would not change about myself. I am in dire need of some weight loss due to on-going health problems and the fact I want to be fitter as I get older. Any weight I do lose will be for me, nobody else.

My motto, stay true to who you are and make yourself happy. If that is plus size, then nobody has the right to make you feel bad about it.
Thanks for reading!
Mr C.

Wedding Time

Friday, 12 September 2014 | 1 comment

Sorry the bride is not me, not yet anyway! Last Saturday Mr C and I attended our 2nd wedding. We haven't been to a wedding for over 4 years and then suddenly 2 in a matter of weeks!
I choose this dress from Miss Lacy Loves. I mentioned previously that I purchased this from Plus London last year but had not worn it yet so, this wedding seemed like the ideal opportunity.

I had so many compliments about the dress throughout the day, I can't believe that it has taken me so long to wear it. It's made from 100% cotton which means that it's really lightweight and comfortable. I paired with cream scarf from Primark as the weather was a little cool during the day.

All the ladies were given Loom Bands to wear!

I've finally realised that I need to get rid of the black heels, my feet were hurting so bad after a couple of hours, luckily I had a pair of Primark flats in the boot of car ready for my moves on the dance floor!

                                                             Mr C looking all handsome.

Some pictures from the day.

Much Love

Your Writing Process

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The lovely Nikki from Natty Nikki tagged me to do blog hop to answer questions about how I write my blog! So here goes!

What are you working on?

I'm currently working posts from items that I have purchased over the last weeks. I'm also planning posts for October and November, where is the year going!

How does your work differ from others in the genre?

I don't really tend to blog about current trends mainly because I don't follow current trends. I really like to blog about my style and then add in a bit of lifestyle and beauty as well.

Why do I write what I do?

I started writing this blog to give myself something to focus on, a new hobby I guess. I started reading Girl With Curves back in December 2012 and after a week I knew that blogging about fashion would probably be something that I would enjoy. I've always enjoyed fashion, even when I was little my outfits had to be co-ordinated, the hair right down to my shoes. I get a lot of pleasure from dressing up, reading fashion magazines/blogs and you tube videos so documenting my passion seemed the right thing to and I'm so glad I did!

How does your writing process work?

I love to spend 2-3 hours on a Sunday evening just writing, not every week though as sometimes I just get a writers block so I never force it. When I'm in the mood I can just sit and write for hours which is what I have been doing prior to writing this post.

I also like to take my photos in bulk especially if the weather is good so I that I'm always ready to post!

Thank you to Nikki for tagging me. I now tag Steph from Seeing Spots and Abi from Ais4abi to carry on this blog hop.

Thanks for reading
Much Love

Plus North 2014

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 So, I finally made it to Plus North! Last year I missed it due to a last minute emergency hospital visit, so this year I was determined to get there no matter what!

I couldn't go to Leeds on the Friday as planned so Mr C and I left very early on Saturday. It was so early that I left the rollers in my hair thinking that no one would be out and about at 06.30am but no, our neighbour was wandering down the road so we had to stop for a little chat whilst trying to hide the rollers!
I was so nervous before heading into the venue, my stomach was in knots and my head was spinning. I almost asked Mr C just to take me back to the hotel to hide for the weekend. I then saw the lovely Steph and Char and it was their smiling faces and warm greetings that calmed my nerves.

After walking in and grabbing a quick drink at the bar, we wandered into the downstairs area to have a look at the various brands that were there, they included MSSVG, Ann Harvey, Yours Clothing and the lovely ladies from Curvy Kate.  There were also catwalk shows at various intervals throughout the day.


Upstairs there was more to see, Elvi, Betty Pamper, Bonprix, Topsy Curvy and Curvissa. My feet were throbbing by this point so I sat down with the lovely Leah for a bit to rest our weary feet and ended up recording a podcast with Jim!


After the event I felt so sticky and tired, so I quickly went back to the hotel got changed and dragged Mr C out the door to get food. We had a very tasty meal at Nandos and enjoyed the company of Leah and her lovely husband James.


The evening was very relaxed with drinking, chatting and for many a good old dance! We also had a quiz and another catwalk show. My evening was only slightly marred by some idiot slowing down in their car and shouting eurghhh at me as I stood by the road. I was slightly taken aback but only for a moment, I wasn't going to let some stranger ruin my night!



After a good nights sleep, a hearty breakfast and a chill out session at the hotel, Sunday was a chance to attend workshops, enjoy another catwalk and have a closer look at the gorgeous clothing from Elvi. I learned a lot from Debz SEO workshop which I hope will help my blog.

In a nutshell it was a fantastic weekend and, even though my shyness did get in the way sometimes, I managed to talk to quite a few people. It's a big step for me since going to Plus London, I'm hoping that the more I meet people the less anxious I will be about speaking to people.

The confidence that exudes from the women I met over the weekend filled me with happiness, society expects that because we are fat that we should hide away and not enjoy our lives. As I've been overweight since I was teen I've always done my best to hide away and not draw attention to myself, this is part of the reason why I'm so shy and is something which has often stopped me from enjoying my life. Now I'm older I no longer feel the need to hide away, I want to live my life.

 I want to say a big thank you to Emma, Gemma, Toni and Kim for organising the event and I'm already looking forward to next year!
Much Love
Apologies for the not so great photos!



Magnificent 7th

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'We will be posting on the 7th of each month, and the aim of the challenge is to create an outfit to fit the theme, using clothes from our wardrobes, and yes that does mean digging deep into the depths and finding those long lost clothes! Hopefully one of us won’t end up in Narnia, but you never know with a bloggers wardrobe!'
Back To Work/School

Peplum Top - Sainsburys
Necklace -F21
Trousers - Yours

Whenever I have a week off work I always keep my first day back outfit simple. I normally have a case of the Monday blues so I always pick something easy to throw together especially when it's back to the 06.00am wake up call! 

Check out the other ladies taking part!
Much Love