Glowwbox #2

This is the second Glowwboxx that I received. On the website you can have a preview of what's to come but I never look at it as I quite enjoy the surprise!

This is what was in the box. I'm not a fan of nail stickers so I didn't try them. The patches are ones for under the eye, I must admit that every time I go to try them I get nervous, a couple of teaspoons that have been in the fridge is the what I normally use but one day I will be brave!

My two favourite products from the box were the hair butter, which left my hair lovely and soft and has a really beautiful scent to it and the lip gloss, I tried this on an evening out and it lasted quite well, around three hours before I had to refresh.

Have you ever tried any beauty box subscriptions?
Much Love


  1. Those things for under your eyes - I thought they were some kind of foot support at first! Haha. x x


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