Mr C Talks - Being happy with yourself

Hello again!

I have decided to tackle a subject that I struggled with for a very long time, something that I wish everyone could have. What I am talking about, dear readers, is being happy with yourself.
There was such a stigma attached in my youth to being overweight that, if anything, made it harder for me as depression over being bullied at school made me reach for chocolate, crisps, fizzy drinks, burgers - literally whatever I could lay my hands on. And it didn't seem to matter how often I played football, tennis, rugby or I did karate, gymnastics, swimming or bike riding. No matter what I did I always struggled to lose weight.
I did go through a couple of periods, same as Nat did, where I got uber-serious about losing weight and went to the extremes. In my case it was a minimum of 1 visit to the gym EVERY day plus swimming and also take part in as many other sports as I could. I also went on a white meat only diet along with just pasta, boiled potatoes, vegetables and fruit . Well, it didn't last long and what took me over a year to lose went back, and more besides, on in under 6 months!

In the last few years we tried WW and I got bored with it after less than 3 months. I don't know how it has been for other people, male and female, but being with a plus size woman, whom I love absolutely to bits, has made it so much easier for me to be comfortable with myself. I am not talking just about my actual size, as I have very much a "couldn't care less what other people think of me" attitude and will happily let my gut hang out on holiday! But I mean happy with myself, as a person. 
It has taken many years and a lot of overcome obstacles to get to where I am today. Don't, however, assume that this means that there are things I would not change about myself. I am in dire need of some weight loss due to on-going health problems and the fact I want to be fitter as I get older. Any weight I do lose will be for me, nobody else.

My motto, stay true to who you are and make yourself happy. If that is plus size, then nobody has the right to make you feel bad about it.
Thanks for reading!
Mr C.


  1. Well said Mr C. Any big life style changes need to be for yourself, but with the support of your loved ones. x x


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