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Hello again!
Mr C here again. Nat has persuaded me to take on a semi-regular guest spot on her blog. So, going forward, I would like to touch on a variety of subjects from my point of view. First up, how easy is it to get clothes for a plus size man v a plus size woman?
Ok, plus size clothes........  I know how Nat has at times struggled, apart from high street havens like GAP, Evans and New Look, to find clothes that not just fit her properly, but also don't just look like oversized rags. To be honest, she has always had a good sense of style and also knowing what suits her. However, she never had the courage or confidence to stray too far from her comfort zone. Since she has been blogging, Nat (and my bank account) have become very well acquainted with companies like Forever21, Pink Clove, Taking Shape and ASOS to name but a few. As you have seen from her blogs, the variety of clothes, in a myriad of colours and styles, in her ever expanding wardrobe is huge. She has always had a love of shoes, handbags, makeup and other accessories.

 Is it easier for men? Well, I would honestly say yes to that. I can, thankfully, go in to almost any clothes shop (apart from some designer labels) and buy good quality clothes straight off the hanger. I cannot remember the last time I purchased clothes online, something Nat does regularly. If I am in the mood, almost any high street will have clothes for me to peruse, try on and potentially purchase. I am not that interested in the latest fashion, I just want clothes that look good on me, fit me and are not too expensive. I am a creature of habit and almost always, outside of work, live in Jeans and a football shirt (much to Nat's regular dismay). My only big expense are my trainers and watches. I suppose this could be because no matter my size, they will always fit me!
Thanks for reading!
Mr C.


  1. It's good to have the male perspective! I keep asking James to do a techie post for my blog, but he's shy. x x


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