Outside the food comfort zone


Mr C and I are stuck in a rut, a food rut that is. Weeks of working late and generally busy lives have meant that our evening meals have become a lot of the same old things, fajitas, rice and fish, mince, veg and potatoes.

I'm not going lie, we seem to collect cook books, we ahh and umm over them in the shop, buy one, come home, look at the pictures and then stick it on the shelf!

So, last night we decided to dust off our Hairy Bikers cookbook and try a recipe. I appointed Mr C as chef as I'm more of the baker in the house.

Here is what we made!

Cook book corner.

The wine glasses get more use than the books!

Veg prep.

The recipe.

Fish in, yum!

Mr C, the chef.

Ta Da, the end result!

We left off the breadcrumbs and cheese but it was still a delicious meal and a nice change! We will definitely be trying some more recipes in the future.
Much Love


  1. Yum! I love to watch Food Cooking shows and browse through recipes. Every so often I will attempt a main course or a dessert. It's a lot of fun and well worth the results! Looking forward to your next cooking venture.


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