Blogtober - Day 3 - What's in my Make Up Bag


What's in my Make up bag?
Yep, that's all I have in there. I don't actually wear make up to work but keep a few essentials in case I get in, look in the mirror and see those dark circles underneath that flattering florescent work lighting!
The bag is from Cath Kidson, it's so handy as it's made from a PVC material so I can always keep it clean, how many of you have had that horrible make up spillage!
The MAC studio fix is one of my favourite products of all time, I've used it for years. It gets rid of shine, cover blemishes and those pesky under eye circles without being too heavy.
This Maybelline the Rocket mascara is a good basic everyday mascara. One coat is just enough to give subtle volume for the day.
Every time I look at this lip balm I can't help but sing ''smooth operator, smooooth operator''. I hate having dry lips so I use this throughout the day to keep them nice and smooth, ready to kiss Mr C on the cheek (after he's made dinner of course!).
Much Love


  1. I love these posts! Now I have Smooth operator in my head too! x


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