Blogtober - Day 5 - Do you have a bucket list?


Do you have a bucket list?
No, I've never really though about it but the older I get the more I feel I should do one. I always worry about going through life and not having done all the things that I wanted to do. Maybe I will document some of them on video...hmmm!?
These are a few things that I would put on the list:
1. Do more stuff alone -eat alone in a restaurant, go travelling or go to the cinema.
2. Visit Australia with Mr C. There are lots of other countries on my list as well!
3. Learn to swim - Not the feeble little doggy paddle that I do at the moment.
4. Go stargazing - Up on a hill, sit on a blanket and stare at the sky, on my own or with Mr C (maybe!).
5.  Get over my social awkwardness - I still get so nervous meeting/speaking to new people. I would love to have a bit more confidence.
6. Learn to knit/crochet - I have tried so many times but I'm determined to make something!
Just a few ideas but I'm feeling inspired now!
Do you have a bucket list?
Much Love


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