Blogtober - Day 6 - Tell us about where you live


Tell us about where you live
This won't take long! Last year Mr C and I moved out of town to a village location, I won't lie it was very difficult for me at first.
I've had to get used to the following:
No local Tesco or Sainsburys to pop to when you run out of something, it's 7 miles to Tesco
No mains gas - Yep, really odd but we don't have gas, so it's gas bottles for our cooker. We ran out once, I had dinner ready to cook on the hob, I took hangry to a whole new level!
No gas but a HUGE oil tank in the back garden. Who needs a garden gnome!
To top it all off we have no street lights. A trip to the pub on a winter evening means that my handbag must contain my purse, keys, make up and a torch. Classy hey!
 It is pretty though, in the morning we drive past the cows, chickens and lots of trees. Another bonus is that my brother, his partner and her 5 girls live around the corner, that means plenty of hugs and the occasional Sunday roast dinner!
Much Love


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