Blogtober - Day 7 - What made you start blogging?


What made you start blogging?
I remember stumbling across ''A Girl with Curves'' blog during November 2012. I had no idea how I got to it but once I started reading I couldn't stop. Tanesha has a wonderful sense of style.
 Within a few days I got a fresh notepad out and began thinking about a name. I wasn't sure what I wanted to blog about but I knew I wanted to start one.
I do cringe slightly at my old OOTD photos, I used to be too shy to get in front of the camera so I would lay out my OOTD on my bed.
I still enjoy blogging as much as when I first started. It's one hobby that I have managed to keep up with consistently. The card making, knitting and learning a new language were all literally brushed aside within a few months of starting them!
I just want to say Thank you to every one that reads my blog. I hope you are enjoying Blogtober so far!
Much love


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