Blogtober - Day 8 - What's in my handbag?


What's in my handbag?
I must admit I did have a little tidy up of my bag before taking pictures, it was about time to do it anyway!
My everyday handbag items:
A few necklaces for a last minute addition to outfits!

Iron tablets that I always forget to take and my mobile wifi


I got this Michael Kors handbag from Mr C as Christmas present nearly 2 years ago. It is currently my favourite bag, I use it everyday and even at weekends. I'm really happy that's last so well, it still looks as nice as when I first got it.

It's made from leather with lovely gold detailing. The straps are just the right length so that it fits comfortably under my arm, I never feel the need to have to shuffle it around like I do with some other bags especially when you have been carrying one for hours (whilst I'm shopping of course!).
Much Love


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